Figure Session

Figuring drawing session went well on Saturday. It was a great model — as I do this more often, I find myself more sensitive to that vague thing called “a person’s energy.” Being in such intimate proximity to another person (nude in this case) I find the “energy” to be almost palpable.

It started out with one minute poses — this first pose with arms raised was one of my favorites…


And then two minute poses — the model was pregnant by the way


This five minute pose turned out to be another one of my favorites…


As well as this one that was ten or fifteen minutes.


To be honest I find that I do my best right in this ten to fifteen minute range and the 20 to 25 minute poses I find myself getting bogged down in details — at least that is how it has been lately.

This week I tried a little something new with the figure drawing. I put down a quick line drawing with my paint brush (i.e. a representation of the figure using lines). And this is on dry paper. Then I wait briefly for the lines to dry (doesn’t take too long because it is on dry paper) and then I wet the whole paper and add shading. Toilet paper helps to guide the watercolor a little bit more on the wet paper. I was pleased with the results — it gave the watercolor a little bit more movement/blurriness while the lines still keep the figure crisp. I would like to experiment more in this vein, possibly putting down shading/value as a first layer and then adding line.

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